Long Way Out Wednesday 5: Easiest Prey

Easiest PreyThis week’s free track is “Easiest Prey.” After having seen Las Vegas firsthand, heard stories of its corrupt inner workings, and walked the bleak side streets of the Strip, I’ve come away with a bit of a disenchanted view of its main tourist attractions. Although it definitely has its share of fun and spectacle, and although there are some who come out winners, I can’t help thinking of the thousands of people who fall prey to the lure of gambling, and who wind up in a downward spiral of more and more debt and money lost. The casinos are designed like mazes, with lights and sounds to distract you from your path—a bit like the wolf to Little Red Riding Hood. 

“Easiest Prey” imagines a modern-day Red Riding Hood grown up and stuck in a cycle of bad relationships. She longs for love, but keeps falling into the traps of disrespectful and even abusive lovers. 

Have a listen to the minor-key quasi-reggae-beat “Easiest Prey.” It will be free to download until next Tuesday!