Long Way Out Wednesday 8: [hu] Knows

[hu] KnowsThis week’s free track is “[hu] Knows,” a metaphysical wandering among the mysteries of life and what comes afterward.

This past week I came upon the heavy milestone of giving a eulogy for the first time. It was a sad but somehow comforting experience, although it left me contemplating questions about the nature of existence and how we are connected to each other. Sometimes I imagine people as mountains shrouded in varying levels of mist—some with only the tips of their peaks visible, and others revealing more of themselves. I try to think of the hidden bases of each mountain, which are all connected and essentially one terrain, whether the wind blows the mist away or not.

I tend to have difficulty expressing these ideas in colloquial terms, which is why I wrote a song about it instead. Take a moment to listen to the exploration of the mysterious side of existence in “[hu] Knows.”